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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Broken Heart...

The days which passed

by throwing away my dreams...

Tears are flowing through

this open window of my mind...

the passions which sprout

on my broken heart,

wish to hear your

lovely sound once again...

and feeling to forget

myself in your hug..

want to fly in your

melting kisses.

and immerse in your

roots of love...

i know all are vain imagination

of my hopeless search

In the knot which you tied

in my dreams and

In the saffron which you put

with your finger...

i am seeing myself in you...

just closing these windows

strongly,from my mind

by trying to forget your

memories forever...

even after knowing that

i cant do it ever & never

Monday, 18 July 2011


The petals of cherry flower,
which fallen down in the last rain...!
The drops of water, which reminded the rain!
,she don’t have time to see all these...
sitting in front of a bottle to measure,
.how much rain was fallen down,
to make a report for tomorrow’s class...!
the books which looks fatty,
after eating a lots of words..,
tried to make fun of her...!
when a paper boat started to paddle in her dreams..
,the tuition sir came with a stick &mathematics fruits...
,when she finished the fighting with,
addition &subtraction,
the rain has gone its own way,...!
After waiting for a long time for the water in the eaves of house,
,the paper boat got bored &ran away with
,the mother’s broom stick to the dust bin...!
In the colourless world again she started to read the story of missing childhood...
without knowing that she is losing it herself


The forgotten word, 

was like an unsatisfied soul...

wandered through my mind...

my flower scented journeys.. 

weeps and steps down to start their journey ...

when my silence shakes you gently...

Try to recall what is that you lost...?

the red flower which remained in your 
witchery board.. 

reminds me the guest who never visits....

when you lost the control of the boat,

i didn't understand, why your eyes were


is it for the died untold words...or 

for your unending lonliness.. ?