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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Parting is painful, yet sweet

An unsaid unexplainable pain

I am hearing the noise of pain

in the quiver of nervous heart

In the words unsaid yet said

Like a tender feather

Forgotten in a torn out page of

Incurable yet forgotten pain

And when it fell down like

a half-bloomed flower

Someone said it is Love lost

Yet I linger still and ever

With open doors of mind

 Waiting for your footfall

Sitting patiently with eyes

Glued upon the ridges

Of the ploughed cornfield

 But you never came

And while searching the plots as reflex

Where our shadows had mingled once

Convincing my heart that

You are now only a story forgotten

I realized unexpectedly

That I had loved you so much dear

Despite the memories in mind

Your separation fills my heart with

Grief beyond my tolerance

Yet pleasant and will be there

For ever, but tell me where you are?

Just tell me, tell me, tell me,  p..l…e..a…s…e.